Why you should be eating more meat

A new study by the University of Adelaide has found that meat consumption is not only good for your health, but can also increase your brainpower.

“It’s not only the protein that’s good for us, but the fibre and vitamins that it contains,” Associate Professor Matt Parry said.

Professor Parry has spent years researching the effects of eating meat on the brain, which he said would help the study’s findings to be more broadly applied.

The research, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, has found eating meat boosts levels of brain protein, and also affects memory and learning.

It found that, overall, people who ate the most meat on average had significantly more brain cells than people who did not eat meat.

This led the researchers to question whether eating meat was associated with higher levels of protein and brain tissue in the brain.

In this study, they found that people who consumed the most food in the form of meat had more brain protein than those who didnot.

However, it is not known whether the meat in a particular meal also had a similar effect.

Researchers were surprised by how much meat was consumed in the study, which was conducted in the laboratory, but also in real-life settings.

A number of studies have shown that consuming more meat is linked to lower IQ, but Professor Parry’s study found that this could be due to factors beyond the brain that are not directly related to meat.

For example, the study found there was a significant correlation between people who were obese and those who consumed more meat.

Professor Parries team also found that eating more protein was linked to higher levels in people’s brain regions that regulate emotion and mood.

But this was not the only study to show a link between meat and the brain’s brain activity.

And he said it was the first study to look at the relationship between brain activity and brain function in people who had a genetic condition linked to brain damage.

Asparagus and brusselsprouts are a good source of protein, vitamin C and fiber, and a good amount of them, but it was not surprising that people eating meat had higher levels, Professor Parries said.

“We’re starting to see that these types of foods, particularly meat, are a great source of nutrients that we could be eating a lot of,” he said.

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