When you eat too much butter, it might not be good for you

BILLINGS, France — The French have an epidemic of butter addiction.

The French are eating more than twice as much butter as their western counterparts, but they’re doing it with little to no nutritional benefit.

Now a study has found that butter consumption may have an adverse effect on the human body, and it could affect the health of people who eat it regularly.

The study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, looked at 1,000 adults aged 18-80 years in France.

Participants who consumed a daily amount of butter between two and five tablespoons had a higher risk of developing coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes compared to those who consumed less than a tablespoon daily.

Those who consumed three or more tablespoons had twice the risk of the average person, the researchers found.

The researchers said the findings may be an important new direction in understanding how the diet affects heart health.

Butter consumption has been a growing concern in France, as the country’s population is rapidly growing and people are trying to reduce their consumption of processed foods.

This is particularly true for the country as it has more than 7 billion people, but consumption has remained relatively stable over the last few decades, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The health experts said that if butter consumption increases as it does in the United States, it could increase the risk for diabetes and coronary heart diseases.

But they said the study found that the amount of fat in butter varied widely depending on where people lived and what foods they ate.

The lead author of the study, University of Caen’s Daniel Sainz, told the BBC the findings were not surprising.

He said butter is an important source of nutrients in a country where butter is considered to be the most important source, especially for the poor and elderly.

“It’s a very good source of saturated fat, which is important for the body,” he said.

“But it’s also a very important source for the liver, which helps the liver produce cholesterol, and that can be harmful to the liver.”

Sainyz said the research showed that butter is very good for the human health and could also be beneficial for people with metabolic syndrome, or a combination of unhealthy behaviors.

He added that while the findings suggest butter consumption is not harmful, it is important to consume a small amount of the recommended amount per day.

Sainzi said butter consumption has also increased in the U, and people in the northern countries of France and Belgium may not be getting enough of the food they need.

Sainsz added that people who use butter in their diets may need to adjust their diet to include more fruit and vegetables and less processed meats.

He also said people who live in rural areas, who typically consume a lot of processed meats and white breads, may be more likely to develop metabolic syndrome.

He explained that the French are trying hard to reduce butter consumption.

“We have a big problem with butter,” he told ABC News.

“If we can do it, we should do it.

If we can’t, we shouldn’t eat butter.”


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