Pinto beans to have a new look after all these years

The Pinto bean, which is also known as a yellow lentil, is the most widely cultivated bean in India.

It’s a great source of protein and contains all the nutrients we need for a healthy diet.

But the popularity of the bean is declining in India, with the government’s ban on its use in domestic production, according to a new study.

The bean is widely consumed in South Asia and is considered a staple food in rural areas.

This is partly because the bean, along with its seeds, are considered a food staple.

But in rural India, the consumption of Pinto seeds is down more than 30 per cent from the time they were first introduced in the 1960s, according the National Sample Survey Organisation.

The study, conducted by the Centre for Science and Environment in collaboration with the World Bank and World Food Programme, says that the consumption and use of Pinta (the main bean variety) is down by more than 40 per cent in rural and remote areas of India.

“The decline in the availability of the Pinto seed is mainly due to the recent ban on it,” said Arvind Kumar, an analyst at the Centre.

“In rural areas, where there are few sources of food and the population is growing, the supply of Pina is more or less limited.”

But Kumar said that Pina seeds will still be a major source of food in India as they can be used in recipes for making curries, soups and other dishes.

“A good Pinto recipe can be as simple as replacing the beans with pulses, or replacing the seeds with pulses and cornmeal,” Kumar said.

In addition, there are a number of Indian varieties of Pins, which are popular in South East Asia.

“It’s a very nutritious bean.

It is a staple crop in many parts of the world, and is very easy to digest,” said Ashish Kumar, a research fellow at the Delhi-based Centre for Agricultural Research and Development.

Kumar said he believed that Pinto was an important part of the Indian diet, with its rich and complex carbohydrate profile.

“Its high protein and fiber content is one of the reasons it is such a popular food in many countries, including South Asia,” he said.

“As the consumption is decreasing, the availability will come down.”

However, he said that there was still a need for research into the use of the seed in India to better understand the role of the protein in Pinto.

“There is a lot of research that is needed to understand how Pinto is being used in Indian diets,” Kumar added.


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