NFL owners discuss NFLPA’s proposal to raise minimum wage from $15 to $20

NFL owners have spoken out against proposals to raise the minimum wage in cities across the country.

The players and their union have been working to raise awareness about the wage hike for more than a year, but the owners have been slow to support the wage proposal, which would increase the minimum from $13 to $15.

The owners and the union have not been willing to agree on a compromise, and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Wednesday he would not make any changes to the proposal.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Goodell said the owners’ position was that the minimum should be set at the level of the minimum, which is the wage that players currently earn.

Goodell also said the NFLPA has offered to meet with owners and work with them to come up with a solution.

He said the league and players were in close discussions with the owners and he expects them to reach a solution soon.

Goodell said Thursday that the NFL had reached a “comprehensive” agreement with the players union and that the owners had been working with the union to reach an agreement.

Goodell added that the league is still working on a proposal that will raise the pay for NFL players and has not set a timeline for that.

He noted that the union is also working to establish an executive committee that would determine the minimum amount players should make and also help the union determine what the league will do in response to the players’ demands.

The NFL has not released an estimate of how many players would be affected by the proposed increase, which was first proposed in December.

The minimum wage would rise to $13 an hour from $11.25 an hour in 2021.

Goodell told reporters that it’s important to keep in mind that players who play for other professional sports leagues have different working conditions and different living expenses than those of the NFL.

He added that players have different responsibilities as well as different compensation levels.

Goodell acknowledged that players are not necessarily the ones who have to bear the brunt of an increase.

He pointed to the example of some NFL players who were forced to pay a penalty in the National Football League’s lockout of 2009.

Goodell explained that players in those cases could be affected more because they are not paid the full amount of the penalty.

He also said that the amount of players who are affected by a wage increase is very small compared to the number of workers who lose their jobs because of an economic downturn.

“But we don’t expect that to be a significant factor in the long term,” Goodell said.

Goodell and the NFL have been trying to find a way to find common ground on wage increases for decades.

The two sides had agreed to meet in late February, but they did not finalize a deal.

Goodell has repeatedly said he would like to see an increase in the minimum.

He was scheduled to meet Thursday with President Donald Trump to discuss the issue.

He told reporters he was hopeful the two sides would agree on something soon.

“We need to be working together on a deal,” Goodell told the AP.

“I hope that’s going to happen in the near future.”


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