How to get rid of your ‘fuzzy’ eyebrows

New Zealand photographer papa Murphy has revealed how to tame your ‘freaky’ eyebrows.

The 24-year-old photographer says the ‘furry’ look can cause problems for her as she’s used to the natural look.

Ms Murphy told Stuff magazine: ‘The hair is the best thing.

I love it.”

My hair is like a blanket, it’s my mask.’

The freckles are the biggest cause of confusion, it makes me feel invisible.’

Ms Murphy says her best advice to anyone is to ‘make it a point to get it done and get it styled’.

Ms Murphy also admitted her hair is a ‘fringe-show’ which she says is ‘just like the hair of a cat’.

She said: ‘It’s like, it doesn’t matter how big the cat’s ears are, the hair is just there to keep you in a bubble.’

It’s not like a ponytail, it is a fringe-show.’

Mr Murphy, who has a ‘freak-of-nature’ beard, has also shared tips on how to keep your ‘fur’ in check.’

Wear the hair a little longer than you normally would, but not too long,’ he said.’

Keep the hair short and it’ll stay longer.’

When you do shave, you should always make sure your hair doesn’t grow out.’

Mr Murphy has also revealed how she cleans her hair after the events of the recent ‘cat-walk’ scandal.

Ms Murphy’s advice to those looking to get their ‘fur’ under control is to make sure it’s ‘perfectly groomed’.

She added: ‘Make sure you brush your hair all the time.”

You should always use a towel to clean your hair.

If you’re using your hair for something it should be washed as soon as you put it on.’

You can also use a hair brush and do it a little bit later in the day if you have a shower.’

Mr Mullins tips to anyone who is worried about their ‘freckles’ is to use a moisturiser.’

Moisturise your hair, it’ll make it softer and softer and better,’ he added.’

If you have some, make sure you use it before you go to bed.’

But you shouldn’t put your hair out all the way.

It will take a while for it to grow back.’

Also, when you’re going out for the day make sure the hair isn’t hanging around your neck.’


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