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India’s one of the trusted and renowned brands in Indian market offering wide range of ayurvedic and Unani herbal products. 10 Years ago the company started its Journey started with the manufacturing of selected ayurvedic products. Over the period, company established its more than 100 products in the market with more than 30 proprietary products. Currently, products are well-accepted by people across. We are the longest running independent life science manufacturing ayurvedic and Unani herbal products with predominately academics. Our Multiprofessionals and multispecialty approach creates a unique experience that cannot be founded without specialists society or commercial application.

Our modern research driven, clinical evidence focused ayurveda and Unani herbal products manufacturing company. Our products are supported by established clinical evidences and research done at national and international universities on herbs and its combinations. Knowledge of ayurveda and Unani herbals significance are very well versed into Indian ancient books, called Vedas, which are founding principle of modern sciences and research. The Unani herbal products offer many advantages over conventional medicines including no side effects, no toxicity and no adverse reaction

Nature-based and organic preparations for wellness of the body and mind and the marketing of such products are the field of activity Unani herbal Multitrade has chosen for itself. Increase in the knowledge base, improvements to the production processes, streamlining of the distribution system and striving for the greater satisfaction of the consumers are the concerns of the company

Our expansive range of Unani herbal formulations, Nutraceutical, and Foods have won the hearts of millions across the globe. With stress on quality and affordability, we are continuingly expanding our portfolio with new offerings with stress on market expansion and a wider reach

We have discovered the unique benefits of some common botanical products and soon started their extracts for treating various ailments. While our Unani herbal formulations use the goodness of these herbs we also offer an expansive range of Unani herbal extracts to individuals.

Our Best Quality R & D unit and manufacturing plants produce an expansive range of high quality Unani herbal extracts having wide implementations in different industries. We have an experienced and well qualified team of researchers’ & scientist who maintained a strict quality control on every product.